How to Speak the Minionese Language Like a Pro!

Minions are the cutest animated character out there and almost everyone is a fan of them. Even the language that they speak is funny and cute.

Well, even though the language that they Minions speak sound like gibberish, they actually mean something and the Minion language called “Minionese” or the “Banana Language” is just a modified version of English that sound comical.


Apart from the words, what makes the Minion language appear more comical is the way it is spoken. And major credits for this has to go to Pierre Coffin who has voiced for Minions in the movies and is the director of the Despicable Me and Minions movies as well.

Minions don’t just use English while speaking and as Minions are from around the world, they can speak any language. After the recent Despicable Me and Minion movies, people were really impressed with the Minion language that many people started searching online on how to speak Minion language.

As a result, there are many online translators available that convert normal English words to Minion Language words and tutorials as well, which gives the Minion Language words for each English word.

Minion Language

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Minionese Terms Translation

Check out some of the popular terms of Minionese language and their real meaning in English.

Minionese Term English Term
Bello Hello
Poopaye Goodbye
Me want banana I am hungry
Underwear I swear
Bananonina Ugly
Bee Do Bee Do Bee Do Fire
Tulaliloo ti amo We love you
Chasy Chair
Baboi Toy
Sa la ka How dare you
Buttom Bottom
Bable Apple
Muak muak muak Kiss kiss
Kanpai Cheers
Pwede na Can we start
Tatata bala tu I hate you
Pwede na Can we start
La Boda Marriage
Stupa! Stupa! Stop Stop
Bi do I am sorry

So now you know some of the popular Minionese terms. Pretty impressive right?


If you are a genuine Minion fan then you would love to speak in this language with your friends. Good luck and have fun!



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