Man Climbs the Roof of a 5 Crore Lamborghini, Gets Thrashed and Punched by the Owner!

Lamborghini’s are not only damn fast, they are damn expensive as well. Anyone who would purchase a Lamborghini will not only be rich but will also be a true car enthusiast and they will also be very seriously protective about their car as well.

So if you plan on climbing onto the roof of someone else’s Lamborghini Aventador SV that costs over 5 Crore rupees, be ready to face the wrath of the owner.

But who would climb on the top of a Lamborghini?

Well, someone online dude thought it would be sensational and “FUN” to climb on top of a Lamborghini Aventador SV and film it.


But for his bad luck (bad luck, really?) the owner of the Lamborghini was just in front of the car when he did the “TRICK”. The first time the dude escaped from the owner’s hold but came back to climb again and got handled well by the owner! The owner thrashed him in the street and punched him in the face. Later on, we can see the man was unconscious but how long he was in that state we don’t know.

Watch the full video of the incident:

Even though he mostly made this daring attempt for online publicity, people on social media are raging against the guy who climbed on the Lamborghini’s roof.

Here are some comments you can see:

Lamborghini incident

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